My Projects


November 2021

Flowser (Stands for Flow Browser) is a convenient development tool for #Flow blockchain, which starts and indexes flow emulator or testnet blockchains 🤙.



March 2022

Interactive landing website development for World Orphan Drug Alliance.



June 2020

This is a search engine for the awesome lists. I build it for the final high school project, because I wished there was a user friendly and visually oriented search for this awesome collection.

My Website 2020

June 2020

The second personal website that I planned to be the website for 2020, but I decided to completely rebuild in Gatsby.js it after a month, because I wasn't satisfied with the performance.

Translator Agency

March 2020

Landing website that I build for a local translational agency. This is actually my first website that I build professionally for a client.

Planet System

January 2020

A simple web based planet system simulation. Draws paths of planets and their velocity + acceleration vectors.

Path Finding

February 2020

A simple web based visualization of path finding algorithm. Allows you to generate a maze with backtrack algorithm and solve it with breath first search. Made for a school project.

Complex Set Art

January 2020

Fractal graphics rendering program written in Go. This was very fun playing around when I made this in high school. Got some ecstatically pleasing results too.

My Website 2019

December 2019

My first portfolio website that I built for myself back in 2019. There I host all of my older projects and 2 experimental blog posts.

Julia Set Web

September 2019

Simple web based visualization of julia set. Try changing the hyper parameter C and observe how the set changes.


August 2019

Backend API and a mobile app made for the purpose of displaying school schedule and news for our school in Nova Gorica. Sadly this app never went fully live to all people at our school.

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