My Skills

1. Backend development

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I started with backend development with Node.js in high school. It's one of my favorite disciplines in software development space.

I have experience in software testing, building REST APIs, writing (*well*) structured backend code, etc,..

I've developed quite a few backend apps for personal projects.

2. Web Development

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Started making basic websites with HTML & CSS during the second year of high school.

Today I like to play around with my silly ideas and web visualizations.

I have had some professional experience, but most of the stuff I make for now is just for fun.

3. Mobile development

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I made my first Android app in collaboration with my boi jakic12. We (somewhat) successfully build an app that displayed weekly meal menu and schedule for our school.

4. Film making

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I was very passionate about film making back in primary school and at the beginning of high school. I professionally filmed a few weddings with my friend Tilen Miklavic and helped edited a movie that screened in our local theater.

5. Photography

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I do photography mostly for fun in my free time or when I go on trips.

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